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Climate change poses enormous challenges and our Planet is calling on us for stepping up our efforts to urgently find solutions.

We are committed to building a diverse community, seeking participation of people from all backgrounds who want to drive dialogue, action and change.

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Today’s Climate Leaders

We call on activists, researchers, entrepreneurs and talents from the industry to share their experience and insights, unveil the critical unknowns and help us identify key leverage points for change.

Connect with the innovators of tomorrow, catch their attention and inspire them.

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Talents in Search of ‘Meaningful Work’

Devote your time and skills to purpose-driven innovation.

Discover where your help is most needed and unlock your potential.

Join a community of like-minded people and meet your future employer, colleagues, or co-founder.

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Companies of the Future

Communicate transparently your climate efforts and strategy.

Share the sustainability challenges your business faces and discover how our community can help.

Promote your open innovation initiatives.
Engage and attract top talents.